Products That Help Alleviate Sinusitis

Every year, there are around 30 million Americans who suffer from sinusitis and the headaches and nasal congestion it brings. Most sinusitis sufferers rely on antibiotics to get them through a particularly serious bout of infection. But for those who aren't keen on using antibiotics, there are other options to try. Here are several products that can help alleviate your sinusitis -

• Air purifiers
Impurities in the air often trigger sinusitis. Some common elements that can trigger allergies or a sinusitis attack are dust, mold and smoke. An air purifier is a good way of essentially clearing the air and reducing the number of irritants that can inflame the nasal passages. Air purifiers are easy to find and purchase as it's carried by a lot of appliance stores.

• Herbal Inhalants
Herbs and other aromatherapy products like eucalyptus, peppermint and rosemary are believed to help alleviate sinus congestion. Sinusitis sufferers can look for inhalation beads that contain a mixture of these therapeutic herbs at natural food stores or purchase them online.

• Humidifier
Sinusitis attacks more during winter because dry indoor air can really inflame the nasal passages and cause thick mucus. A humidifier helps make the environment more humid so the nose becomes less congested. Humidifiers can come in cool or warm mist, although the latter is sometimes called a vaporizer. Either model works really well as a sinus treatment.

• Neti pot
A neti pot looks is a relatively small teapot with a longer spout that's used to moisturize the apparatus has been used for centuries as a sinus home remedy for its capability to flush out irritants that can cause sinusitis. Neti pots can be ceramic or plastic and can be purchased at most drugstores.

• Nasal irrigation system
A nasal irrigation system is essentially a more polished neti pot. This sinus treatment system has humidifying, rinsing and pulsating features. The best aspect of this device is its pulse feature that works at thoroughly clearing the thick mucus out of nasal passages. Unfortunately, a nasal irrigation system is more expensive than a nasal spray or a neti pot.

• OTC melhor remedio para sinusite decongestant
Doctors have described over-the-counter decongestants as good for alleviating sinusitis since they shrink the blood vessels that cause stuffy nose. However, doctors also recommend that patients using decongestants should also drink a lot of fluids or use a saline spray.

• Saline nasal spray
Saline nasal sprays can be as effective as a humidifier in alleviating symptoms of sinusitis, but they come in a much smaller form. The saline mist is similar to a humidifier as it also moistens the nose while in a dry environment. The advantage saline nasal sprays have over humidifiers is its portability and its price. A salt water pack can be had for $5 or less. You can save even more money if you mix the saline solution at home.

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